Food Rules

food rules

I’m sure we all know that ED is pretty good at coming up with rules when it comes to food. Yeah, well, I’m in kind of an argumentative mood this morning, so I decided to come up with food rules of my own.

  1. When it comes to coffee, I can have half-and-half instead of non-fat milk.
  2. Scones are not the most evil thing ever.
  3. Do I really need to decide what I get to eat for the day based on how I felt my profile looked in the mirror while I was changing clothes? No? I didn’t think so.
  4. Screw sugar count.
  5. I will not obsess about fat grams.
  6. Seconds are okay.
  7. I will not start planning next meal while I’m still eating this one.

Who knows how long I’ll hold to these rules. It might be for breakfast, it might be for the whole day. But however long they hold, hey, at least it’s fuck-you to ED for right now.

Here’s to fighting.

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