In the End

window shadows

At the end of the day

I am still left here with myself.

When it comes down to it all,

the hauntings behind my eyes

are my only real company

for you, my dear,

will ultimately go away again.

You will leave,

having appeared for a moment

as a flicker across the screen of my life.

You will not stay,

and I am sad,

because I fear that I will never let you in there,

to that place where you might have really belonged,

because I don’t trust you –

your echo is missing from my soul.

It’s not your fault,

I knew the shadows would come again,

and that we perhaps were just not the match

you thought we were –

and my heart aches,

for that might stay

my hidden secret,

the small pain that I will never tell you.

That in the end,

I was still alone.

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One Response to In the End

  1. How beautifully sad this is!! I know this feeling all too well. Thank you for sharing it.

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