Waking Up Next To Someone

waking up

My head is swimming. My body is reeling. My soul is panting. My hopes are wheeling. So much has happened in so little time, my heart turned on the spot on the turn of a dime. Falling and crashing and burning again but rising and finding and beginning with him – him the other become him the one, with one I’ve gotten over and with one I’m taking the plunge. It’s gone from sitting next to each other on the couch and kindling a tiny flame not yet doused in the soul of my center, in the belly of me – to lying together in the darkness, sleeping. I spent the night in the crook of his arm, wondering and debating what could be the harm of taking a chance and taking the risk of letting things go quite so brisk, saying it’s casual but sensing it’s more when we’re in a room together, behind a closed door.

My head is swimming and my body reels with the way waking up next to someone feels.

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