I was on my way back from Albertson’s this morning (grocery run time) when I passed an older man on the sidewalk. He looked at me and with a big ol’ smile on his face, greeted me, “Hello goddess!”

Uh. Goddess? Me? What?

I was toting a bulging bag of groceries, donned in the full grunge of a baggy sweatshirt and capris (basically my pajamas), hair not even remotely done and had no makeup to speak up save for the remnants of yesterday application.

And yet I was a goddess.

Now, I know the man was just being polite, that he probably calls all the women that (not that it’s a bad idea…), but it still made my day, to think that someone might look at me and, for whatever they saw, decide that I was worthy of being called a goddess.

For a moment, I felt special.

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