Hold Your Head High

hold your head high

and take your thighs rubbing together

as a sign that you are alive.


take the fat between your fingers

as proof

that you have lived


and take the handles on your waist

as hooks for loving

or for kids.


hold your head high

and know the dimples in your skin

are not mistakes or folly

but something nature did.


you are a craft and creature,

each curve is solely yours,

there’s beauty and there’s wonder

in each “flaw” of less and more.


so hold your head high my dear

and straighten out your back,

for art is yours and truth lies there

in the body you don’t lack.

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2 Responses to Anthem

  1. retrodiction says:

    Reblogged this on ONE BIG SUNFLOWER and commented:
    I absotively posilutely love this.

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