How It Used to Be

Mmmm, brain shocks. Of multiple kinds. Not sure if it’s from the lack of electrolytes or the fact that I haven’t been on one of my meds for three days now. (That was totally an accident, and I plan to shove some down me as soon as I get back to LA to pick up the prescription.) Anyhoo.

I remember I time when ED used to seem stupid. Sitting in treatment, whispering worriedly with one of my treatment friends about how our older friend was still so married to her ED. How it basically ruled her life. How it was astonishing and abhorrent, the way that ED directed her brain and she didn’t even seem to know.

I’m not so appalled by ED right now. I think that’s a problem.

Brain shocks. They make everything harder to process. Like how it used to be. And whether that’s how I want it now.

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